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Getting started to Aeroscraper

This page will tell you about the main scope of Aeroscraper.

What is Aeroscraper

Aeroscraper is a decentralized lending-borrowing protocol that offers an interest-free, over-collateralized stable coin and DeFi loans, built specifically to be user-centric.
Aeroscraper is a fully automated and governance-free decentralized protocol designed to allow unauthorized lending and borrowing for users.
Aeroscraper allows users to deposit collateral and get loans in stablecoins pegged to US dollars. Aeroscraper has a 0% interest rate that charges users a one-time fee, instead of charging a variable interest rate for taking out loans.

What are the main benefits of Aeroscraper?

Aeroscraper offers the best borrowing terms on the market and its main benefits are:
  • 0% interest rate
  • Only a 115% coverage rate
  • No management is required - all operations are algorithmic and fully automated
  • Direct redeemable – stablecoin can be redeemed at face value for underlying collateral anytime and anywhere
  • Censorship resistant - protocol not controlled by anyone
Last modified 4mo ago