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Definition of Typography

"Exo" is a versatile and modern font from the Google Fonts library that aligns well with the concept. It offers a balanced blend of geometric shapes, clean lines, and contemporary styling, conveying a sense of innovation, clarity, and limitless possibilities.
The font features rounded letterforms with subtle geometric influences. The clean and precise curves give the font a polished and sophisticated appearance while maintaining legibility and readability. The letterforms have a moderate width, striking a balance between elegance and approachability.
"Exo" offers multiple weights and styles, providing flexibility in design applications. You can consider using the regular weight for headings and titles while opting for the lighter weight for body text or secondary information. This versatility allows for visual hierarchy and enhances the overall design composition.
The font has a neutral and timeless quality, making it suitable for a wide range of design contexts. It pairs well with other typefaces and can be used alongside decorative elements or iconography related to the sky and exploration to create a cohesive visual identity.
Overall, the "Exo" font brings a contemporary and professional feel to the concept, capturing the essence of embracing new horizons and the boundless potential of the sky.
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